Leeds Pride

A bright summer day. August 5th. The excitement of knowing how big this performance was going to be woke me up at 6:30 in the morning. To be frank, I needed the time to compose myself! Safe to say I held some form of composure after the 120 mile drive from Birmingham to Leeds. I had two of my best friends with me for moral support too. How could I be nervous?

Once I arrived at Millennium Square, where the parade was due to begin after my performance, my heart sunk! There were already over 1000 people there. Butterflies begin. Knots in my belly. This is the feeling I live for.

Performance time, I am backstage, mic in hand, looking out to the audience. There are easily over 2000 now. This is the biggest crowd I have performed live in front of. My name is called, and my legs begin transporting me to the stage, I don’t remember arriving centre stage. As I lift the mic, the first thing I say is “Wow”. The crowd erupted in cheer. I was home. I felt supported. The next 20 minutes can only be described as magical. What I felt that that day I can not describe. It was electric. It was euphoric. 

I am so thankful to Leeds Pride for having me, and thankful to each and every person in that crowd for allowing me to share my music with them. 

Gratitude. <3 

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