“What an absolute vibe” – Gorgeous FM

First of all. I am in shock that my song has been played ON RADIO!

Second of all… THEY LOVED IT!

On Saturday 10th October, my first single ‘Paradise’ had its exclusive first listen play on The Saturday Morning Show, with Bally and Mike, on GorgeousFM. The anticipation, the fear, the sheer joy and excitement took over as I sat on the edge of my seat patiently waiting. 

There is nothing that can prepare you for moments like this. I have spent my life dreaming about what things would be like when I release music. One of my biggest ambitions was, and is, for my music to be played on radio. That is something I can now say is happening. 

I am eternally grateful to Bally and Mike, as well as the team at GorgeousFM for exclusively playing Paradise ahead of its release, and for adding it to your rotation on radio! The tears that left my eyes were ridiculous, but the happiness that I felt was just mesmerising.

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